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What is Magento?
Magento is a e-Commerce platform that combines the flexibility of open source technology with industry leading features to provide merchants unprecedented control over store operations. Magento’s SEO features and user experience will attract and convert more qualified customers, leading to business growth. Magento also offers the ability to reach more customers by allowing the creation of micro-sites using multi-store retailing functionality.
Why Magento eCommerce is Awesome
1) Multiple Stores, One Checkout? With Magento You Can! has recently updated its homepage to reflect an exciting new feature on its sites that allows users to shop Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Piperlime using a single checkout process for all stores.
This is a great feature that is already included in Magento’s out-of-the-box functionality.

2) Magento Community Translation Tool
The community translation tool is available to make translating Magento to different languages as easy as possible. This powerful in-line tool allows to work on a live interface and create translations, or suggest alternatives to existing translations. Translations can now be voted on as well and the moderators will be able to select the most appropriate suggestion.

3) Building Configurable Products Fast
Magento added a new way of adding simple products to configurable products. The new method is a quick and easy way ofcreating new simple products with only minimal data entry.